Brewery Vivant Beer Shields

A couple beer illustrations for a Grand Rapids brewery.

At Full Circle we often work with Brewery Vivant to help them create the woodcut-style illustrations that they feature on each of their beer shields. The owner of the brewery has initial ideas for what he wants each image to be and we use that input to develop the final designs. I had the great pleasure of creating two of these beer illustrations.

Pepper in the Rye

Owner requested an homage to Led Zeppelin’s untitled fourth studio album. The old man was given a larger beard, he’s holding an old style mash paddle, and he’s carrying extra large stalks of wheat.


Wizard Burial Ground

Owner requested cloaked figures standing around a circular stone structure, with a large fire in the center. An ominous face of a bearded wizard was added to the smoke to bring more drama to the illustration.

Created while working at Full Circle

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