A major site overhaul for one of Grand Rapids’ largest construction management companies.

One of the bigger projects I’ve worked on was for Owen-Ames-Kimball, a construction management company located in Grand Rapids, MI. They’ve been in business since 1891 and have helped build many of the landmark structures in Grand Rapids and in other cities throughout West Michigan. They also have locations in Florida.

Home Page

O-A-K wanted their work front and center, so I designed a full bleed slideshow as the primary focus on their home page.


Project Index

O-A-K has worked on hundreds of projects, so I designed a filterable mosaic photo grid to show it all off.


Project Detail

The slideshow on the project detail pages was designed to be the primary focus, and it can also be expanded to fill the entire browser. Additional project details, description, and testimonials can be added below the slideshow, as needed.



The entire site was designed to be responsive, and look great on any size device.


Other Interior Screens

A selection of interior pages that were also designed (News, Projects Main, and Subcontractor Jobs shown).

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