Various Logos & Icons

Some logos and icons I’ve made.


Founders App Icons

App icons for the Founders Brewing Co. app, available on iOS and Android.

US Signal Icons

Icons created to represent US Signal’s various products and services.

Beer Glass Icons

Icons for different types of beer glasses. For sale at Creative Market.

musCLE House Logo

Logo designed for a potential project in Cleveland, OH to help kids build self-confidence and personal strength by learning how to play musical instruments.

Fruit Icons

Stylized fruit icons for sale at Creative Market.

Marshmallow Icons

Your favorite cereal marshmallows.

PDL Logo Refresh

Portage District Library needed to update the icon in their logo (a line art rendering of the exterior of their main entrance). So I created a new icon that was less busy and easier to see at small sizes.

Beer City USA Icons

Grand Rapids, MI has been voted Beer City USA a few times now. So I decided to make some icons to represent this badge of honor.

RT London Report Icons

A series of icons representing different stages of report preparation and delivery for RT London.

Snowfox Logo

Mascot design for a friend’s web development site.

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