Mackinac Brochures


Bringing the parks together.

Shortly after creating the Fort Mackinac logo I had the pleasure of designing new brochures for many of the Michigan State Historic Parks and associated organizations. To tie the brochures together as a “family” they all use the same core historical look and feel. Then, to make them easily distinguishable, they each use colors unique to each park or organization. I created brochures for Michigan State Historic Parks, Fort Mackinac, Colonial Michilimackinac, Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse, Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park, and Mackinac Associates.

Colonial Michilimackinac Brochure Exterior

Colonial Michilimackinac Brochure Interior

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse Brochure Exterior

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse Brochure Interior

Fort Mackinac Brochure Exterior

Fort Mackinac Brochure Interior

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