Portland Party Store

Rebranding the look of a popular pizza place.

A friend of mine ended up taking over ownership of the Portland Party Store, a favorite pizza joint in my hometown. He hired me to design a brand new logo and complimentary brand elements for the store. He wanted to keep the name of the store that everyone in the town was already familiar with, but he wanted a whole new look and feel with how they represented themselves. He was totally open to what I thought would work best, so I practically had free rein to make whatever I wanted, which was a ton of fun!

Primary Wordmark

I created a simple wordmark for the store to use, in a variety of color variations.


Brand Elements

I also created a few secondary brand elements for the store to use; including a seal, a pizza slice graphic, a doughnut graphic (which was a new item they added), and a repeating pattern.


Pizza Box Top

I also combined a bunch of the elements to make a custom pizza box design.

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