Portland Raider Bird

Raider Bird Full Body

I had the wonderful opportunity to reimagine the look of my grade school mascot, the Raider Bird.

When the school I attended as a kid hired me to help them redesign their mascot I was honored and excited. I worked closely with the Portland Public Schools Superintendent, Athletic Director, and School Board to achieve a more bold and striking Raider Bird than the one they had previously.
Raider Bird Sketches


Throughout the design process I created dozens of sketches as the school and I narrowed in on the look we wanted.


Raider Bird Head

I’m really proud of how the final Raider Bird turned out. It ties into the spirit of the original, while setting the stage for a bold new look going forward. I also made multiple color variations of all of the logos, for use on different color backgrounds and for limited color printing situations.


Other Logos

I also made various other logos for the school. A full body version of the Raider Bird, which allows the school the option to apply the logo in a wider variety of situations, while maintaining visual consistency. A football helmet logo and a vector version of their varsity letter.

Raider Bird Style Guide
Raider Bird Merch

Style Guide and Merchandise

To help the school implement the new logos more effectively and consistently I put together a style guide for them to share with print shops and other vendors. Since completion the logos have been applied to all sorts of official school gear and merchandise.

Other Projects